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Typhoid Vaccine

Travel Medicine Services at MDA located in Westfield, New Jersey offer travel consultations, immunizations and medications to help protect you while traveling. You can get vaccinated for typhoid at MDA Travel Medicine.

There are two vaccines to prevent typhoid, oral or injected. MDA Travel Medicine doctors can discuss with you which typhoid fever vaccine is best for you. If you are traveling to a country where typhoid is common, you should consider being vaccinated against typhoid. Typhoid fever is an acute, life-threatening illness.

Remember that you will need to complete your vaccination at least 1 week before you travel so that the vaccine has time to take effect. Typhoid vaccines lose effectiveness after several years. If you were vaccinated in the past, check with us to see if it is time for a booster vaccination.

Travel Recommendations

Vaccination is usually recommended for international travelers going to developing countries where exposure to contaminated food or water is likely. Worldwide estimates suggest that south-central Asia, Southeast Asia, and southern Africa are regions with the highest rates of Typhoid. Other regions of Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Oceania have a moderate rates of Typhoid.

The risk of typhoid fever is highest for travelers to southern Asia. Travelers to southern Asia are also at highest risk for infections that are multi drug-resistant.

What is Typhoid Fever?

Typhoid fever is a dangerous infection caused by a bacteria. If typhoid is not treated, it can kill up to 30% of people who get it. Generally, people get infected with typhoid from contaminated food or water.

Typhoid Fever Symptoms

Typhoid fever is a severe illness with symptoms of fever and abdominal pain.The onset of the illness is gradual, with increasing fatigue and fever. The fever is lowest in the morning, peaking in late afternoon or evening by the third to fourth day of illness.

Infected people may also feel weak, have a headache, or experience loss of appetite. In some cases, patients have a rash of flat rose-colored spots. The only way to know for sure if an illness is typhoid fever is to have samples of stool or blood tested.

How is typhoid fever spread?

The Typhoid bacteria only lives in humans. People with typhoid fever carry the bacteria in their bloodstream and intestinal tract. You can get typhoid fever if you eat food or drink beverages that have been handled by a person who is shedding bacteria or if the bacteria gets into the water you use for drinking or washing food.

How can you avoid typhoid fever?

Two basic actions can protect you from typhoid fever: avoiding risky foods and drinks and getting vaccinated against typhoid fever. Avoiding risky foods will also help protect you from other illnesses, including travelers' diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, and Hepatitis A.

Foods and Drink Safety Tips:

Learn more about Typhoid and Typhoid Vaccination at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

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Travel Medicine specialists see healthy people who plan to travel to foreign countries or locations where infection risk is higher. In these cases, infectious disease doctors can help you determine whether special immunizations or other preventive measures are necessary for your travel destination.

If you are planning a trip in the near future, call one of our convenient locations to make an appointment, and get the immunizations you need for your travel destination.

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