Medical Diagnostic Associates, PA


Our physicians and staff members at Medical Diagnostic Associates, P.A. in Central New Jersey, represent a number of medical specialties, allowing us to provide the right care for every patient.

Heart Care

Central New Jersey Cardiology, Medical Diagnostic AssociatesCardiology specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases, including laboratory and stress testing to monitor heart health.


Hormone Systems

Endocrinology, Medical Diagnostic AssociatesEndocrine Care deals with problems in the system of glands that make hormones, including weight management and diabetes treatments.


Family Practice

Family Medicine, Medical Diagnostic AssociatesFamily Practice physicians care for patients across the full spectrum of ages, and serve as the advocate for their patients throughout the health care system.


Digestive System

Gastroenterology, Medical Diagnostic AssociatesGastroenterology is the study of the digestive system and liver—how the body absorbs nutrients, removes waste, and the role of the liver in digestion.


Blood Disorders & Cancer Care

Hematology and Oncology, Overloook Cancer CenterHematology & Oncology doctors provide care for blood disorders and cancer treatment—honored by the American Cancer Society for outstanding patient care.


Infections & Travel Diseases

Infectious Disease and Travel Medicine, Medical Diagnostic AssociatesInfectious Disease specialists treat illnesses caused by microorganisms, and offer Travel Consultations for people who plan to travel internationally.


Comprehensive Care

Internal Medicine, Medical Diagnostic AssociatesInternal Medicine doctors focus on the prevention and treatment of adult diseases, and act as consultants to help solve puzzling diagnostic problems.


Kidney Diseases

Nephrology & Kidney Disease, Medical Diagnostic AssociatesNephrology involves the diagnosis and treatment of patients with kidney diseases, that can affect chemical balance, blood pressure and bone health.


Nutrition Consultants

Nutritional Services, Medical Diagnostic AssociatesNutritional Services can use diet as a treatment or treatment supplement for many different diseases, coordinating a dietary plan with your doctor.


We work with our patients to help them maintain and restore health as quickly as possible. This philosophy ensures the best opportunity for healthy patients.