Medical Diagnostic Associates, PA

Medical Diagnostic Associates, P.A.

Medical Diagnostic Associates, P.A. is a multi-specialty group of physicians located in North Jersey & Central New Jersey. The founding physicians built a caring network of doctors that provides superior service, and compassionate and comprehensive medical care to all our patients.

New Doctor Joins MDA at Berkeley Heights Office

Dr. Chantal Lisik, Internal Medicine

Dr. Chantal Lisik has joined us in the Berkeley Heights office. Dr. Lisik completed her internal medicine residency in the Mount Sinai School of Medicine affiliated program at Overlook Medical Center. Dr Lisik's interests include promoting a healthful lifestyle with attention to prevention of disease by diet, exercise and lifestyle reform. Dr. Lisik is board certified in Internal Medicine and previously had practiced in Millburn. She will have office hours Monday-Friday and one Saturday a month.

You now have free access to our new Patient Portal!

We are pleased to announce that Medical Diagnostic Associates’ new ChartMaker® Patient Portal is now available. This online tool gives you the flexibility to access your health information and other resources at your leisure – any time of day and from any location! Since the ChartMaker® Patient Portal is available over the Internet, you can use it from virtually anywhere. You can also use the ChartMaker® Patient Portal to access information for family members and individuals for whom you provide care, if given permission.



Find the Right Doctor

Cardiologists — specialize in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Endocrinologists — deal with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to hormones. The endocrine system affects such human functions such as the coordination of metabolism, respiration, reproduction, sensory perception, and movement.

Gastroenterologists — treat and manage diseases of the digestive tract and liver.

Hematologists & Oncologists — Hematologists treat blood disorders including anemia, blood cancers, bleeding disorders and blood clots. A medical oncologist specializes in treating people who have cancer with chemotherapy or other medications.

Infectious Disease — specialists treat patients with infections of the sinuses, heart, brain, lungs, urinary tract, bowel, bones and pelvic organs. They can treat all types of infections, including those caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

Nephrologists — specialize in kidney care and treating diseases of the kidneys. They commonly treat chronic kidney disease (CKD), polycystic kidney disease (PKD), acute renal failure, kidney stones and high blood pressure and are educated on all aspects of kidney transplantation and dialysis.

Internal Medicine — specialists focus on the prevention and treatment of adult diseases.

Family Medicine — doctors who care for patients of all ages from pediatric to geriatric.

Nutritional Services — help us meet our goal of compassionate and comprehensive medical care for all our patients.